AU security delegation in Juba to assess peace implementation

26Feb 2022
The Guardian
AU security delegation in Juba to assess peace implementation

A team of 15 delegates from the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) has arrived in Juba on a three-day mission to assess the progress in the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

Addressing the press on arrival, Kenya’s permanent representative to the African Union, Ambassador Jean Kamau, who is also the leader of the delegation, said they came to review the peace process and provide support to the people of South Sudan.

"The Peace and Security Council of the African Union is here for three days at a historic moment when the government of South Sudan is celebrating its two years in office but also to come and review the peace process here in South Sudan,” Ambassador Kamau said.

He added: “To assess the achievements which have been made, to look at the challenges and really to provide solidarity and support to the people of South Sudan.”

She added that what is important to emphasize is that the peace agreement has brought about peace and stability and there is a specific time frame.

“So, within the period that has passed and what is left, we want to know what are the challenges, what are the key support areas that we (AU) need to put more emphasis in to ensure that we meet the deadline. So we are here on a mission, we are just beginning,” she added.

According to the team leader, her 15 member delegation will meet the various stakeholders to the 2018 revitalized peace agreement.

"We will be here for three days. We will talk to a cross-section of stakeholders from the government, the civil society, political parties, and some of the development partners just to get a sense of how the peace process is going, where are the challenges and how can the Peace and Security Council of the African Union continue to support South Sudan during this transition," Ambassador Kamau said.

According to the 2018 peace deal, general elections must take place 60 days before the end of the transitional period. There are only 12 months remaining in the transitional period.

But critical work remains to be done, with less than 10 months to go, including preparing legal and constitutional frameworks for the vote.

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