AUDA-NEPAD Steering Committee and the Agency’s 2019 Results

25Jan 2020
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AUDA-NEPAD Steering Committee and the Agency’s 2019 Results

Mrs Gnouka Diouf, Ministerial Adviser on NEPAD to the President of Senegal, opened the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD 63rd Steering Committee meeting, held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

 Mrs Diouf, co-chair of the Committee, stated that the agency, led by its CEO Dr Ibrahim Mayaki, has been hard at work implementing the African Union reforms in order to start delivering on its new mandate.

“In 2020 we need to finalise the reforms process and start delivering our mandate as endorsed by African Union Member States. The role of the Steering Committee, therefore, in the governance structure of AUDA-NEPAD will continue to be very important,” Mrs Diouf stated.

African Union Commissioner for Economic Affairs, H.E Victor Harison pointed out there is more work ahead in Africa to redress the challenges of excessive food imports, electrification hurdles, access to education and job creation.

“Fortunately, the continent has its own development agency, the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD, to drive development sustainably,” the Commissioner said.

A summary of the AUDA-NEPAD 2019 Results-based Performance Report was presented at the meeting. In 2019, 30 countries submitted the first ever Agenda 2063 country progress reports. The final report will be presented at the upcoming African Union Summit in February 2020, by the President of Cote d’Ivoire, H.E Alassane Ouattara.

AUDA-NEPAD programme results were presented on the following areas:

Human Capital and Institutional Development – 2019 saw the empowerment of women in six countries with the modernisation of business incubators; skills training, youth and women empowerment across the continent; rollout of homegrown school feeding; strengthening of Africa medical regulation; TB cross-border disease surveillance and launch of the 100,000 SME’s Initiative and capacity strengthening in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Economic Integration – achievements include support for the development of a corridor development and marketing plan for the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa’s (PIDA) priority projects; launch of the PIDA job creation toolkit; detailed scoping study (prefeasibility) for the African Integrated High Speed Railway Network; showcasing of the African Infrastructure Guarantee Mechanism, and; addressing challenges pertaining to transboundary trade and logistical challenges in the MoveAfrica Initiative.

Industrialisation – the results for 2019 include technology prospecting; launch of the integrated Irrigation and Agri-Industry Initiative, and; the AUDA-NEPAD Index on Agenda 2063.

Environmental Sustainability – Technical support was provided to the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment; preparations were undertaken to compile the set of indicators for the new Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Programme Biennial Review Report; under sustainable land management, 29 countries pledged to restore 124 million hectares to reduce land degradation.

Knowledge Management – 2019 saw the approval by Heads of State and Government to establish five Centres of Excellence (on Rural Resources and Food Systems; Science and Technology and Innovation; Human Capital and Institutions Development; Supply Chain and Logisitics, and; Climate Resilience). The past year results also include the establishment and strengthening of biosafety and security systems in 17 countries; boosting private sector participation in Africa’s agricultural transformation; 43 countries were trained on data collection to produce core research and development and innovation indicators, and; production of the first ever report on Agenda 2063 that will be launched at the 2020 African Union Summit.

The delivery ecosystem of the organisation for its strategic priority areas will be through Centres of Excellence, strategic partnerships and engagement with African Union Members States and Regional Economic Communities.

The 63rd AUDA-NEPAD Steering Committee concluded with preparations for the upcoming 33rd African Union Ordinary Session of the Assembly.


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