Aweso inspects stalled Kisaware water project

27Jan 2019
Amri Lugungulo
Guardian On Sunday
Aweso inspects stalled Kisaware water project

DEPUTY Minister for Water and Irrigation Jumaa Aweso has directed Kisarawe district council in Coast region to terminate the contract between Mazongela Building Contractors Limited and the council.

Deputy Minister of Water and Irrigation Jumaa Aweso loooked the mechanics connecting Water Pipelines to the water supply project in Sopeko including Lendikinya village in Monduli district Arusha. PHOTO: Guardian Correspondent

The move follows revelation that the contractor had abandoned a water project in Boga ward in the district costing Sh536m.

The deputy minister said the project be given to another contractor with the capacity to execute it.

He was speaking this week after receiving a brief report from the District Executive Director (DED), Mussa Gama in the presence of the District Commissioner, Jokate Mwegelo.

The DED said the contractor abandoned the project since October last year and had not been seen at the site as the project was supposed to be handed over by December.

“We gave the contractor six months to complete the project,” he said, noting however that the contractor disappeared after clearing the area to start the work of building the infrastructure by fencing it with iron sheets.

The District Water Engineer, Majid Mtili said the contractor has been at large despite efforts to bring back the contractor to the site.

The contractor was not paid yet the Sh526m for the execution of the project by the time he left the site.

Ward Councilor Inady Chakachaka asked the minister to direct the council to terminate the contract as the contractor failed to do anything on the site, according to the prescribed contract.

Residents of Chole ward applauded Aweso for his decision to allow them use water from Chole-Kwala Dam which is being built at a cost of Sh1.18bn and nearing completion.

While in the district, Aweso made a call at four projects, including a water tank with capacity of six milion litres under construction at Mnarani area on the outskirts of Kisarawe town. It is part of the Kibamba-Kisarawe water project supervised by the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA), covering areas like Boga-Mengwa, Chole-Kwala and Kikwete.

Earlier, DC Mwegelo had declared that poor implementation of water projects was putting in jeopardy district development and investment expectations.

Kisarawe district had a population of 115,091 people on the basis of the 2012 population census where only 51 per cent of people living in the district have access to clean and safe drinking water.



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