Babati court sentences two to 30 years for possession of marijuana

31Mar 2021
The Guardian
Babati court sentences two to 30 years for possession of marijuana

​​​​​​​BABATI District Court has sentenced two people to 30 years in jail each for being found in possession of 200 marijuana sticks, even though one of the accused was absent from the court.

Reading the sentence on Monday in regard to the Criminal Case No 185 of 2018, district magistrate Jumaa Mwambago said the hearing of the case began November 19, 2018 against Alex Laurent (27) resident of Dudiye village and Humpley Charles (25) resident of Dareda Kati village.

Mwambago said on November 8 2018 the duo ware found in possession of 200 marijuana sticks weighing 566.9 grams. 

He said the accused contravened Section 5 (ii)(1)(d) of the Drug Control and Enforcement Act (No 5 of 2015).

He said accused Alex Laurent who was present in court was to start serving his sentence immediately and ordered his accomplice, Humpley Charles to be hunted and arrested to start his sentence.

Earlier, Public Prosecutor Assistant Inspector of Police Juma Makanda requested the Court to mete out stiff penalty to the accused to act as deterrent to others.

Soon after reading the sentence, district magistrate Mwambago cautioned people who were pestering him to delay justice to determine the case that he couldn’t do that because he was not a corrupt magistrate. 

He said in any case brought before him, he is guided by justice, so no one should pester him thinking he would delay to issue justice of the case..

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