Backlash likely for not returning assets forms 

08Jan 2021
The Guardian
Backlash likely for not returning assets forms 

​​​​​​​OVER 100 leaders in the public service now risk losing plum positions, among other penalties, for failing to furnish the Ethics Secretariat with filled-in assets and liabilities declaration forms.

Judge Sivangilwa Mwangesi

The deadline for the exercise elapsed on December 31 and no extension was sought for or granted.

Judge Sivangilwa Mwangesi, the chairman of the Ethics Commission, said yesterday that the secretariat will take legal measures against 187 public officials who have missed the deadline.

“Out of the 15,110 public leaders who fall under section 9(1) of the Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act No. 13 of 1995, only 14,923 had submitted their filled-in forms by December 31, 2020,” he said in a statement.

Public servants who fall under this law include political appointees such as ministers and their deputies, regional commissioners and district commissioners, among other cadres.

The Act asserts that failure to make declaration or making false declaration is tantamount to a breach of the code.

“Breach of the code shall result in any of the following, namely: warning and caution; demotion; suspension, dismissal; advising the leader to resign from the office to which breach relates; imposition of other penalties provided for under the rules of discipline related to the office of the leader and initiating action for the leader to be dealt with under the appropriate law,” the legislation underlines.

The Act requires public office holders to, within 30 days of taking office, submit to the commissioner a written declaration, in a prescribed form, of all property or assets owned or liabilities owed as well as the same information on their spouses and unmarried minor children.

Last month, President John Magufuli directed that public leaders falling under the Act must submit their assets declaration forms to the Ethics Secretariat before the deadline. Read

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