Barley farmers attend agricultural fair in Arusha

28Jul 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Barley farmers attend agricultural fair in Arusha

TANZANIA Breweries has demonstrated its commitment towards supporting barley farmers across northern regions through enabling them to participate in an agricultural fair organized by Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute, (TARI) that was held in Arusha over the weekend.

The company has over the years collaborated with farmers to improve barley production in the country through providing them with seeds that are best suited to the soil and climatic conditions of Tanzania, as well as a guaranteed market for their produce.

TBL’s Agriculture Manager Joel Msechu, said the company sponsored 100 farmers to attend the event in order to encourage them adopt the latest farming practices and technology that would increase their productivity.

“At TBL, we believe in the power of leveraging partnerships for sustainable development. The Agriculture Fair, is therefore, a networking opportunity for our sorghum and barley farmers which we believe will provide them with the requisite knowledge to address some of the challenges that they currently face in the field,” said Msechu.

TBL is committed to supporting the government of Tanzania’s industrialisation drive through investing in the development and expansion of the barley programme to include 6,000 farmers in; West Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Arusha,  Iringa and Madaba as well as the  building of  a malting facility in Dodoma that will have the capacity to produce 32000 tonnes of malt. The company is currently sourcing 74% of its raw materials locally and is committed to increasing its local sourcing over the coming years.