Bavicha threaten to block CCM handing over ceremony

23Jun 2016
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Bavicha threaten to block CCM handing over ceremony

THE Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) youth wing (BAVICHA) has threatened to block the Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM)’s general meeting scheduled for July 23 that will see retired President Jakaya Kikwete hand over the party’s chairmanship to President John Magufuli.

Chadema Youth wing secretary general Julias Mwita (C) gestures as he was talking at press conference on police brutality to stop opposition parties public rally meetings and also cautioned police to prevent CCM general meeting scheduled to be held in Dodoma next month. With him are Chadema Central zone Idd Kizota (R) and Bavicha public relations officer Edward Simbeye.

RETIRED President Jakaya Kikwete and the outgoing Chairman of CCM is expected to hand over the party’s chairmanship to President John Magufuli next month as the Party’s Central Committee (CC) announced last week.

Party spokesperson Christopher Ole Sendeka told reporters in Dar es Salaam that the handing over will be done at a one-day special general meeting scheduled for July 23 in Dodoma.

He said the handing-over date was agreed upon at a meeting of the Central Committee (CC) held at the party’s Mainland sub-head office in Dar es Salaam yesterday, under the chairmanship of Mr Kikwete.

But addressing a press conference here yesterday, BAVICHA chairperson Julias Mwita argued that they will block the meeting in the same spirit the police disrupted their meeting last week, saying the law enforcers are used to suppress democracy in the country.

He said the police is used to oppress the opposition party, denying them opportunity to conduct political meetings including last week incidence here where the police disrupted a graduation party organized by youths affiliated to the party.

“ In the same spirit that the police has been used to block our meetings including the recent graduation party while youths from CCM were allowed to conduct such parties elsewhere, we are out to block their handing meetings too including the handing over ceremony” he said.

He said on June 18th the opposition party’s youths had a graduation party in Dodoma but were dispersed by the police who opened teargas terming it a political meeting while youths affiliated to CCM who held such meetings in Singida and Iringa were not bothered at all by the police.

He all youths that support the party to support the move as they are thinking on how to block ruling party’s historic meeting, which he said is also a political gathering just like others that have been banned.

However, the BAVICHA leader failed to clearly state how they would successfully block the ruling party from conducting the meeting.

On a different note, he said the national opposition party’s youth wing support Members of Coalition Of People’s Parliament(UKAWA) who have in the recent been boycotting parliament sessions, leaving it for CCM members of Parliament only.

He said Chadema followers throughout the country should stop cooperating with their CCM counterparts in all matters including social, economic and development activities in their areas.

“It is high time we do not sit together with them, share anything with them be it at funeral or weddings. Do not use their vehicles and do not even rent their houses” said Mwita, saying all party followers should come together in the push for increased democratic space.