Bayport encourages Tanzanians to plant trees address climate changes

03Dec 2023
The Guardian
Bayport encourages Tanzanians to plant trees address climate changes

As part of its campaign to encourage Tanzanians to preserve the environment by planting one million trees nationwide, Bayport Financial Services has planted 500 fruit trees at Mapinduzi Day Secondary School and Muungano Primary School in the Serengeti District, Mara Region.

The Serengeti District Commissioner, Dr. Vicent Mashinji, urged all schools to plant trees to combat the challenges of climate change.


"I extend my heartfelt thanks to Bayport Company, we have already said, 'education with a tree'; every student in school should have at least one tree, let's choose to plant trees or stop driving cars, cars emit carbon dioxide, machines and industries emit carbon dioxide, polluting the environment, the only thing that can absorb this air is trees in our atmosphere, bringing back rainfall, without trees, we cannot have better agriculture," said Dr. Mashinji,. adding that tree planting is also a legal matter.


On his part the Bayport Financial Services Operations Director, Mr. Nderingo Materu, stated that the tree-planting campaign, which started in Temeke, Dar es Salaam, in September of this year, not only aims to encourage the Tanzanian community to see the importance of planting trees but also supports the efforts of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through its sustainable conservation and environmental management strategies and policies.


He said that the reduction of forests due to unsustainable logging, the increase in global industrial activities, diminishing snowfall, changes in rainfall patterns, floods, and drought among many communities worldwide have been causing adverse effects of climate change.


"To ensure our community survives these challenges brought about by climate change, we have decided to join forces with the government by heeding the advice of environmental experts from NEMC to plant a large number of trees in our communities to save the lives of other living beings and humans.


"Bayport Financial Services sincerely thank all those who contributed to this campaign of planting 500 trees here in Serengeti, especially the Director of the Serengeti District Council, Afraha Hassan, the Chairman of the District Council, Ayubu Mwita, and Mr. Charles Butonesha from Serengeti Natural Resources Environmental Conservation.


"We cannot forget all the children and teachers of these two schools because they will play a significant role in ensuring the continuity of these trees, we, as Bayport, will be at the forefront of participating in various environmental conservation campaigns so that our country becomes a safe place to live due to environmental pollution caused by climate change," added Mr. Materu.


Furthermore, Mugae Mwita King'ae, a first-year student at Mapinduzi Secondary School, stated that initially, many trees planted at their school were shade trees, however, they now express gratitude to Bayport for providing fruit trees that will not only offer shade but also contribute to their nutrition.