Belgium envoy rubbishes digital platform claims

21Nov 2020
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Belgium envoy rubbishes digital platform claims

​​​​​​​TANZANIAN ambassador to Belgium Jestas Nyamanga has called on the public to rubbish the information which claims that the European Union (EU) Parliament is working to impose economic sanctions on Tanzania and thwart loans and aids.

TANZANIAN ambassador to Belgium Jestas Nyamanga.

In a video posted on several digital platforms as well as the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), ambassador Nyamanga refuted the claims saying that they are all totally untrue and worthless.

Nyamanga said the information was provided by people who want to tarnish the image of Tanzania. It is a serious misrepresentation that Tanzania has been barred from getting 1.6trillion/- from the European Union which is not true.

“It is not true that the funds have been suspended, the implementation of various projects is progressing well and there is no strings tied over the funds,” he said.

He said: “Today, 19th of November in Belgium, the European Union’s Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs met in its regular session whereby among the issues discussed was about Tanzania and the General Election  .”

According to him, this is very common to discuss and talk about their development partners, once the election is over and especially the General Election.

“These reports are fallacious. The parliamentary committee meeting did not issue any declaration on Tanzania. What happened was to give the Members of Parliament (MPs) to give their views on the post-election in Tanzania,” he explained.

The envoy said that the session held was of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the EU’s Parliament with a total of 71 members and during the sessions everyone had the right to express his/her views freely.

“The EU Parliament has a total of 705 Members of Parliament, as in Tanzania MPs have the right to express their views, so in that session the MPs expressed   mixed views but there was no single resolution which was passed,” he elaborated.

The envoy also said that there were no ongoing debates in the European Parliament about imposing sanctions on Tanzania or wanting to impose any economic sanctions on Tanzania, including of selling its products in those countries.

He assured Tanzanians that diplomatic and economic relation between EU countries and Tanzania is well and had been fine for the past 45 years.

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