Big heroin haul: Nigerian, two Tanzanians arrested

17Apr 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Big heroin haul: Nigerian, two Tanzanians arrested

DETECTIVES of the Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) have pounced on a suspected Nigerian drug lord operating in Tanzania along with two accomplices while trying to conceal over 200 kilogrammes of heroin.

Acting DCEA Commissioner General James Kaji told reporters in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the burst in took place on Wednesday at a Mbezi suburb house north of the city. A 270 kilogrammes pile of the drug was seized.

But the main target, the 39-year-old Nigerian, lives in the posh Masaki suburb while his Tanzanian accomplices live in Mbezi and Changanyikeni areas, Kaji said.

One of the two Tanzanians is a librarian with a private university in Dar es Salaam but moonlights in the illegal business of drug trafficking and peddling, he said.

“We collaborated with other foreign agencies and have been trailing them since the April 8th. We were monitoring as they received the haul and took to the house before we raided it,” said Kaji without saying from which country the drugs emanated.

The suspects built a new underground septic tank with a cabinet that was apparently meant for the safekeeping of the drug but the haul arrived before its construction was complete. That is perhaps why the detectives found it in the house, he said.

The trio had been in the illegal business for a long time and their arrest was made possible by intelligence exchange with other countries, the director noted.

“The amount of drugs we seized is enormous. If it entered the market it would have destroyed the lives many youths,” he said.

 Tanzanians who work in illegal narcotics trafficking and peddling must change their ways and engage in legal economic activities as law enforcers will not relent in the war against drugs, he stated.

He also appealed to law abiding citizens to report to authorities whenever they see unusual activities or individuals with suspicious undertakings in their neighbourhoods.

The authority has embarked on procedures to prosecute the suspects, he said.

In February, DCEA detectives arrested two people for possessing 508.1 grams of heroin at Ubungo Kibo in Dar es Salaam. The arrests followed intelligence regarding the existence of illegal drugs circulating in the area, he further noted.

DCEA apprehended a Polish national in February, whom it said as growing cannabis in a farm surrounded by a high perimeter wall at Himo road junction in Kilimanjaro Region.

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