Biteko applauds mining officials for surpassing revenue collection

27Jul 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Biteko applauds mining officials for surpassing revenue collection

THE Minerals Minister Doto Biteko has praised regional resident mining officers for work performance that enabled the surpassing revenue collection target in the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 during which more than 528.2bn/- was collected, surpassing the 470bn/- set target.

Minerals Minister Doto Biteko.

Biteko said in order to continue achieving success in the management of the mining sector, officials should be ready to learn, as that is when they will be pleased with results of their work in their areas.

Biteko was speaking in Arusha at the weekend (July 25) when closing a meeting by the mining secretary, Prof Simon Msanjila and regional resident mining officers that discussed achievements and challenges, and how to solve them in the mining sector.

Mining secretary, Prof Simon Msanjila.

Others in attendance included the Deputy Minister for Minerals, Stanislaus Nyongo, the Commissioner for Mines Eng david Mulabwa, chairman of the Mining Commission Prof Idris Kikula and other mining officials.

Commissioner for Mines Eng david Mulabwa.

Biteko said the secret behind the huge success in the Minerals ministry is creativity and patriotism of the regional resident mining officers in revenue collection.

Meanwhile, Biteko called upon resident mining officers to solve any conflicts that arise, and only refer the conflicts to the Commission of Mining whenever they fail to do so.

On his part, Deputy Minister Stanislaus Nyongo called upon resident mining officers to continue working closely together with regional and district commissioners as well as other institutions including defense and security organs for better performance.

Deputy Minister Stanislaus Nyongo.

The chairman of the Commission for Mining Prof Idris Kikula admitted that achievements in the mining sector is a result of honesty on the part of officials in the Commission for Mining and called upon the officials to continue the good work.

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