Bomb explosion kills 3 in Chalinze

12Jan 2022
The Guardian
Bomb explosion kills 3 in Chalinze

​​​​​​​THREE people have died at Msata - Chalinze after a bomb exploded.

​​​​​​​Coast Regional Police Commander Wankyo Nyigesa.

Coast Regional Police Commander Wankyo Nyigesa told reporters that the incident took place on January 10 at around 8pm in Pongwe Msungura village, Msata Ward.

RPC Wankyo said the men picked up what is believed to be a bomb that exploded in their hands.

According to Commander Wankyo, the men picked up the item with the intention of selling it as scrap metal but it exploded shortly after picking it up.

He named the dead as Athumani Ramadhani (20), Maneno Hamis (23) and Abdallah Rajabu (21) all residents of Msata.

RPC Wankyo has warned citizens involved in the sale and purchase of metals to be careful when collecting metals and other items with the aim of going to sell them as scrap metal.

In another incident, the Coast Region Police Force has taken to court Mt 93652 Cpl Chibumba Lugola (35) of 121 KJ-FIR Sangasanga-Ngerengere Morogoro region on suspicion of murdering a 62-year-old man.

He explained that the incident took place yesterday evening at 4pm in Gumba village, Gwata ward- Mlandizi.  

According to Wankyo, the suspect allegedly assaulted Bakari Rashid (62) accusing him of stealing his chickens.