Bongo movie actress Lulu to serve 2-year jail term for manslaughter

14Nov 2017
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Bongo movie actress Lulu to serve 2-year jail term for manslaughter

THE High Court in Dar es Salaam yesterday sentenced popular local film actress Elizabeth Michael alias ‘Lulu’ to two years in prison after finding her guilty of manslaughter in the 2012 death of actor Steven Kanumba.

Judge Sam Rumanyika ruled that Lulu had contravened section 195 of the Penal Code in causing the death of Kanumba, who was at the time one of the most prominent film actors in the country, during a suspected love quarrel between the two.

The judge said the court is satisfied that the evidence produced by the prosecution was true, while Lulu issued contradictory statements during her defence testimony.

Emotions were high at the court after the ruling, with several other Bongo  movie artistes and other associates of Lulu seen weeping with grief.

Lulu’s mother was carried out of the courtroom by relatives after apparently being overcome with emotion and failing to walk out herself.

According to Judge Rumanyika, Lulu in her testimony accepted that she was the last person to have seen the late Kanumba alive, but failed to explain what happened to him resulting in his death.

The judge also dismissed suggestions that the accused was a child at the time of the incident. “She (had) all the freedom to visit friends including boyfriends at anytime she likes, so in my view she is not the kind of a child who was meant to be protected by the Child Act section no. 12,” he said.

Earlier in mitigation before the ruling, defence counsels Peter Kibatala and Omary Msemo told the court that Lulu and the late Kanumba had a quarrel and there was no evidence that she had the intention to cause his death in any way.

Kibatala also argued that the accused was still a child at the time, and she has shown good behaviour since then.

“She has managed to go to school, she is an ambassador in various social affairs, and she has already been detained for 10 months before being bailed out. We request the court to pity her as she is depended upon by her parents,” said Kibatala.

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