BoT warns against improper treatment of banknotes

29Oct 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
BoT warns against improper treatment of banknotes

​​​​​​​THE Bank of Tanzania (BoT) says it will start taking stern measures against improper treatment of its banknotes during various social activities.

BoT governor Prof Florens Luoga.

In its statement released yesterday, BoT governor Prof Florens Luoga said: “Of recent we have witnessed indecorous treatment of banknotes in various social activities including weddings whereby people have been throwing notes on the floor, with some people even trampling on them.

“Others roll the notes into various shapes to be used as decorations, or affixing them on sweaty bodies of other people.

“These acts continue to happen despite BoT and other government officials condemning them,” Prof Luoga said.

He warned members of the public who still continue with these acts despite repeated warnings that they were violating the country’s laws on the proper treatment of the currency.

“BoT will take legal measures against all those found to commit these acts,” said Prof Luoga.

He said the acts contribute in the speedy wearing of the notes necessitating the government to incur great expenses in orienting new notes.

“The bank is advising members of the public that in all social activities that involve presenting money as prizes to use special containers to put the money in.

“Members of the public are also required to report directly to the bank or other security organs whenever they come across instances of improper treatment of banknotes,” he added.

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