Budget proposals reflected in new petroleum products’ prices

02Jul 2017
Aisia Rweyemamu
The Guardian
Budget proposals reflected in new petroleum products’ prices

THE Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) has announced new price of petroleum products with an addition of Sh40 as passed by the National Assembly during its budget session in June this year.

Last month Parliament endorsed the Finance Bill 2017, which, among other things, stipulated required changes in Excise Duty charged on petroleum products (petrol, diesel and kerosene) where Sh40 was increased for each product.

According to a statement released by EWURA on Friday and signed by Acting Director General Godwin Samwel, the Sh40 increment on fuel prices started yesterday.

“The Finance Bill 2017 indicates that the new increment should be implemented effective July 1, 2017. We have therefore included the new charge increment in the July prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene.” he explained. 

Godwin said the retail prices of petrol and kerosene have decreased by Sh37, equivalent to 1.81 per cent, diesel by Sh14 per litre, equivalent to 0.73per cent, and kerosene by 19 per litre, equivalent to 1.03 per cent.

He added that diesel users will pay Sh13.70 less per litre while for kerosene it will be Sh18.85 less per litre (equivalent to 1.10per cent).

Edwin explained that retail prices for petrol and diesel had increased by Sh43 per litre, equivalent to 2.19 per cent.He said the wholesale prices for petrol and diesel had increased by Sh43.07 per litre (equivalent to 2.33 per cent) and 3.81 per litre which is equivalent to 0.22 per cent.

According to Ewura, as a result of not having a new consignment of kerosene received through Tanga port in the month of June 2017, petrol station operators in Tanga were advised to source the product from Dar es Salaam and, therefore, the price of kerosene for Tanga region will be based on the cost of the product received through Dar es Salaam port and the bridging cost to Tanga.

All petrol stations were required to publish the new prices of petroleum products on clearly visible boards.  “It is an offence not to have the prices published on boards located in clearly visible places in front of petrol stations,” the Ewura statement warned.

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