Bukoba DC directs installation of lightning arrestors in all schools

21Apr 2021
The Guardian
Bukoba DC directs installation of lightning arrestors in all schools

BUKOBA District Commissioner Deodatus Kinawiro has instructed the Bukoba district council director Solomon Kilimike to look for funds for installing lightening arrestors in all primary and secondary schools, as well as in offices of public institutions to reduce effects from lightning,-

Bukoba District Commissioner Deodatus Kinawiro.

- including deaths to school children. 

The DC gave the instruction at a councillors’ meting a few days after a Form IV student at kabugaro secondary school in Bugabo ward, Gisera Oswald was struck by lightning and died on the spot.

“Lightning is a problem for the entire Bukoba District, hence I instruct you, in collaboration with your councilors to look for funds from anywhere as soon as possible for the purchase of lightning arrestors in the schools,” said the DC.

He said the tragic lightning incident that killed a student shocked him even though it was not the first one, saying they have been happening frequently and “if the issue cannot be solved, many children will die or maimed.” 

Kinawiro said geographically the entire Bukoba District was prone to lightning strikes, hence, he said, the only way to avoid such hazards was to install lightning arrestors especially in places with huge concentration of people.   

The DC also lashed at parents who keep at home children struck by lightning instead of sending them to the hospital for treatment.

He said two years ago during the Uhuru Torch race there was a heavy rain and secondary school students took shelter in a shed, but as they were inside lightning struck, some were wounded, but astonishingly, he added, parents kept their children at home, the situation that saw one child’s leg amputated.    

He said lightning arrestors were important and gave an example of Katoma secondary school that was struck by lightning several times.

he said he instructed the district executive director to install a lighting arrestor and that since then the school had not experienced lightning incidents.

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