Bureaucracy deters investments in Dodoma Region

31Dec 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Bureaucracy deters investments in Dodoma Region

IT is no longer easy to invest in Dodoma city, thanks to bureaucratic process in land acquisition, a situation that now worry leaders in the region.

Regional Commissioner Dr Binilith Mahenge

Speaking during the recently held Regional Consultative Council (RCC), several leaders pointed fingers at the city fathers for what they termed as a bad sign for the city that has since attracted many investors.

Led by the Regional Commissioner (RC) Dr Binilith Mahenge, they argued that there are a lot of complaints from some investors who have said that it takes too long to get approval, especially on land for investments.

The RC called on the city authority to ensure they clear all the obstacles to investments in the city as the government spearheads the campaign for industrialisation by creating conducive environment for people to establish industries.

“I would like to get full report on steps taken following complains raised by some investors who sought investment land in the city,” he said adding such cries are clear indications that something is wrong somewhere.

He said there are big investors both from inside and outside the country who have raised concern on the bureaucratic process in land acquisition in the city.

Dr Mahenge singled out the case of ministry of Education, Science and Technology that acquired 200 hectares of land in Dodoma for the building of a vocational training college but city authority has insisted on full payment of the land.

“It is really strange, one can wonder why city authority is not concerned on increasing revenue through land rents other than through acquisition fees,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Speaker of the National Assembly, Job Ndugai who complained of difficulty in acquiring land in Dodoma and hiking price of plots for both residential and investment purposes.

“Why is it difficult to acquire land in Dodoma while it is one of the new cities which attract investors from within and outside the country?” he queried.

Dodoma Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Kessy Maduka  while contributing at the discussion, also complained of bureaucracy in city council offices, especially those in land office.

“Let me inform this meeting that there are many investors who have come to my office and when you take them to the city council office, you hardly access the land officers’ he said, adding that the trend is not good for the development of the city.

The City Council director, Godwin Kunambi was however not present at the meeting.  City Mayor, Prof David Mwamfupe and the acting director, Bartazar Ngowi said they were not aware of the allegations but promised to work on them.

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