Bus owners want more dialogue on e-ticketing

06Jan 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Bus owners want more dialogue on e-ticketing

AS the government readies to end the use of paper tickets for major upcountry routes today, bus owners want more sensitization and dialogue on how to operate an electronic ticketing system.

Speaking to this paper in an interview yesterday, the secretary general of the Tanzania Bus Owners’ Association (TABOA), Joseph Priskus said that the land transport regulator has not provided enough education on the new system to the general public and ticketing agents.

Furthermore, there are other issues that still need to be ironed out, such as receipting and amount in taxes remitted to TRA through the system, he stated.

The association has engaged the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) on the matter but no agreement has been reached by the time of the proclamation to start enforcing e-ticketing regulations, he elaborated.

On Monday, LATRA Director General Gilliard Ngewe released a statement reminding owners of upcountry passenger buses plying major routes “to comply with licensing conditions on e-ticketing” effective today.

LATRA indicated that sensitization on use of the new system had thoroughly been undertaken, but TABOA says only bus owners have been reached, not other key stakeholders.

“The key groups in ticketing such as agents and conductors have not been reached with education on the new system and this will cause a lot of inconvenience,” he TABOA leader cautioned..

LATRA said that routes where the use of e-tickets is in the firsth phase commencing today are Dar-es-Salaam to Tanga as well as to Arusha, Lindi, Mtwara, Iringa, Njombe, Songea and Mbeya.

Others are those travelling from Dar-es-Salaam to Tunduma, Rukwa, Morogoro, Kilombero, Ifakara, Malinyi and Mahenge.

TABOA maintains that more education is needed for agents on how to operate point of sale machines, while passengers also need more information on how to book and purchase tickets online.

“We heavily rely on conductors for sale of tickets. If we proceed this way our members are headed for 4.5m/- in fines imposed by TRA and 250,000/- in fines by LATRA for precipitous violations of ticketing regulations,” he pointed out. Read More...epaper.ippmedia.com

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