Call for strategy to end stigma against disabled kids

14Sep 2021
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Call for strategy to end stigma against disabled kids

TANZANIA has been urged to establish a special system for mothers to report unusual changes to their newborn babies as a way of combating the practice of hiding disabled children due to stigma.

The call was made by spouse to Zanzibar first Vice President Zainab Othman Masoud during an editor’s roundtable virtual meeting organized by Internews.

She said the system would help to identify but also get information on the presence of such kids in the society because currently most parents and guardians hide them and deny them access to basic needs due to stigma.

She said most of the services meant for the disabled do not reach the intended because of lack of coordination.

“Journalists should not get tired of reporting these incidents and so far they have been doing a great job,” she said.She emphasized on the role of religious leaders to on informing the society on the challenges facing the disabled in the country.

Programe coordinator for Internews Shaaban Maganga said there is need for more educational reporting from journalists on the disabled.

Internews facilitated journalists from various media organizations to report on the disabled in the country whereby.

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