Cargo ship docks at Mtwara port to export 59,000 tonnes of coal

10Jan 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Cargo ship docks at Mtwara port to export 59,000 tonnes of coal

THE first big cargo ship, 200-metres wide has docked at Mtwara port to export 59,000 tonnes of coal to India.

This follows major improvements conducted at the port including the construction of a new gate worth 157bn/-.

Mtwara Port acting manager Abilah Salem said the big ship named Star Freight has arrived from Pakistan and will carry the consignment of coal which marks as a major step in trade and economic development.

Speaking here during the weekend, Salem said the improvements done at the Mtwara port has started to attract big ships, something which will further open up opportunities, stimulate economic activities and increase revenue to the government.

“This new gate has a capacity to accommodate ship with a capacity on 65,000 tonnes, this is to say with our previous gates such the ship would not be accommodated, the coal which is set to be exported belongs to Ruvuma Coal Mine, and we will take only seven days to board in all the cargo” he explained.

Adding: “We mark this as great success toward our strategy in utilising the port after the government's initiatives to invest the 157bn/- in construction of this new gate.”

Mtwara District Commissioner Dunstan Kyobya said that the arrival of cargo ships has unlocked exportation of coal and will cultivate economic activities within Mtwara district and the nation at large.

“The huge investment done by our government to construct the new gate has started to bear fruits…today the history has been written, the door has been opened, on behalf of people of Mtwara district we thank for the government all the efforts it is taking to support development of the south regions and people,” he added.

He said the arrival of the ship in the port of Mtwara indicates an increase in trade as well as employment for residents of the region.

Tanzania Port Authority Master Abdallah Mwingamno said the docking of the ship has opened doors for other shipping companies to bring their ships for exportation of coal, cashew nuts and other produce.

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