CCBRT and Equinor Tanzania launch obstetric fistula programme

20Aug 2019
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CCBRT and Equinor Tanzania launch obstetric fistula programme

THE Dar es Salaam-based Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) hospital in collaboration with Equinor Tanzania and the Lindi regional health management team has launched a two-year obstetric fistula treatment programme.

Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT).

Speaking during the launch ceremony at  Mpilipili primary school grounds in the Lindi district, CCBRT’s Chief Executive Officer, Brenda Msangi, expressed her profound gratitude to Equinor Tanzania for their generous support for Tanzanian women who suffer from obstetric fistula, a preventable and treatable medical condition caused by prolonged, obstructed labour.

With estimates that around 3,000 women in Tanzania develop the condition every year, a significant unmet need for comprehensive treatment remains.

It is for this reason, in 2012 CCBRT launched the campaign “Fistula is Treatable” to raise national awareness and promote treatment, with the support of the government and other key stakeholders.

“Obstetric fistula is one of the most serious and tragic injuries that can occur during childbirth in which women are left incontinent; uncontrollably leaking urine and/or faeces.

Women who face this condition are subject to stigma and discrimination in their communities, and face uncertainty about having more children, divorce, depression, social isolation and deepening poverty.

Ensuring fistula treatment is available within the region will encourage more women living with this condition to show up and get treated, hence allowing them to recover from the emotional trauma and social isolation that comes with fistula.

The condition has been virtually eliminated in the world’s wealthier countries, so with partners like Equinor we know that we can eliminate fistula in Tanzania”, said Brenda.

Equinor Tanzania has generously committed USD 100,000 for CCBRT to facilitate treatment for 80 women who suffer from fistula in the Lindi Region over two years.

Equinor Tanzania Country Manager, Dr. Mette Halvorsen Ottoy, explained: “At Equinor, we believe the way we deliver is as important as what we deliver.  In Tanzania, we have discovered gas and we are working towards the development of resources. But we also recognize the need to partner with the local communities hosting our business, for mutual growth and development”.

She added that Equinor is humbled to be part of this important initiative, as a partner of CCBRT and the Government of Tanzania, to engage closely with the local community and support initiatives that enhance community’s social and economic progress.

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