CCM to employ new campaign styles to reach voters 

26Sep 2020
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
CCM to employ new campaign styles to reach voters 

​​​​​​​CCM yesterday said it intends to deploy new campaign styles to reach more voters as the clock ticks towards the general election scheduled for October 28.

CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary Humphrey Polepole.

CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary Humphrey Polepole told journalists here yesterday that the party started campaigns nearly a month ago with a strategy which has seen party cadres of different levels dispersed countrywide in search of votes.

He said new styles which will be introduced in the last 15 days of the polls countdown are aimed at keeping opponents guessing what next is coming.

“We have a lot on the drawing board, and we expect to deploy new strategies as time goes by, as our simple evaluation so far indicates that we have rounded the country within a short period of time,” the secretariat official noted.

One example of such strategies was the introduction of a helicopter to accompany the party’s presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli’s convoy.

CCM has deployed a helicopter in recent days which flies for time around the rally premises to grab voters’ attention.

CCM was conducting a strategic campaign in which it has dispersed party cadres of different levels countrywide, including running mate Samia Suluhu Hassan, former president Jakaya Kikwete who is in the southern regions.

Others are former prime minister Mizengo Pinda and Speaker Job Ndugai, canvassing from southern highlands and central zones respectively, he elaborated.

The large turnout during rallies in the past few weeks was a source of confidence that the ruling party was likely to emerge victorious in the polls, he declared.

CCM has scheduled its campaign in six phases where two have now elapsed, the first trek starting from Dodoma to Lake Zone regions, and from there to the central and north east areas.

Polepole used the platform to respond to some reports which he termed as fake issued by opposition presidential candidates.