CCM outlines key areas for election manifesto

13Jul 2020
The Guardian
CCM outlines key areas for election manifesto

​​​​​​​THE ruling CCM has outlined priorities it seeks to put to Tanzanians ahead of the October general elections, one being the creation of job opportunities especially for the youth.

Addressing delegates during the party’s general congress, Secretary General Dr Bashiru Ally said if elected to form the next government, CCM will create at least eight million jobs.

The gathering which brought together 1,822 delegates from across the country nominated President John Magufuli to seek reelection as Union president for a second and last five-year term with Vice President Samia Suluu Hassan as his running mate. As for the Zanzibar presidency, the party nominated Defence and National Security minister Dr Hussein Mwinyi as its candidate.

Another priority in the 2020-2025 manifesto approved by the National Executive Committee is building a modern, competitive industrial economy to ensure that Tanzania, recently classified as a lower middle income economy by the World Bank moves steadily towards high middle income status.

“We are also resolved to protect human dignity, equality, justice and good governance as a means of maintaining peace and solidarity in our country,” he said.

The manifesto also prioritizes the modernization of agriculture through mechanization, investments in new ways of animal husbandry as opposed to pastoralism so as to ensure that the country becomes food secure and improve livelihoods of farmers.

Dr Bashiru also mentioned enhancement of access to clean water, free basic education, health services and electricity as well as better settlements in both urban and rural areas.

The party will place emphasis on the use of research findings, information and communication technology (ICT) as well as support creativity to attain social and economic empowerment.

The CCM national congress was preceded by the NEC meeting which, among others, forgave and welcomed to its fold erstwhile estranged former secretary general and veteran presidential election campaign manager, Abdulrahman Kinana.

The party national chairman and president, Dr Magufuli led NEC members in welcoming Kinana back to its ranks.

Kinana who served as campaign manager for two CCM presidential candidates seeking their first terms of office towards the third and fourth phases, comes as the party readies for the fifth phase president’s reelection campaign.

Several senior CCM cadres were last year implicated in an audio clip said to speak unfavourably of the party’s chairman but two months ago the former secretary general formally apologized to the president.

On the other hand, the gathering endorsed the decision   made earlier by the NEC Central Committee to expel veteran minister Bernard Membe. The former presidential election nomination aspirant was noticeably implicated in the said audio clip.

Unlike his colleagues, Membe did not express remorse and has since said that he is interested in vying for the Union presidency in the October polls. However, the former long serving Mtama MP did not identify the party by whose ticket he will seek election.