Chadema accuses govt of scheming in favour of CCM

03Mar 2016
The Guardian
Chadema accuses govt of scheming in favour of CCM

THE country’s main opposition party, Chadema, yesterday accused the government of intimidation against its councilors and Members of Parliament following the adjournment of the Dar es Salaam City Council mayor election.

Freeman Mbowe

Addressing journalists in Dar es Salaam, the party’s National Chairman, Freeman Mbowe said the government in collaborating with police are using underhand means to ensure that the opposition fails in the elections.

He said information from the party’s intelligence unit indicate that police are allegedly planning to bring tramped up charges against Chadema councilors and MPs, particularly those based in Dar es Salaam, to prohibit them from taking part in the mayoral election.

He claimed that police have started working on the plan as some of MPs and councilors were being interrogated and some detained in police custody on false allegations.

“We are aware that police are now planning to implicate some of our MPs and councilors with fake cases of drug offences,” Mbowe claimed, naming MPs who are targeted as Halima Mdee (Kawe) who was still in police custody, while Said Kubenea (Ubungo) and Mwita Waitara (Ukonga) are still targeted.

The Chadema leader condemned all sinister plans against party members and leaders, saying: “This is part of a government scheme to weaken opposition parties in favor of the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM).”

“I would like to assure the public and the government that Chadema will not remain silent and watch as democracy is being tampered with. We shall fight to ensure that our leaders are freed from police custody,” he said.

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