Chadema women wing collects nomination forms for Mbilinyi

09Jul 2020
The Guardian
Chadema women wing collects nomination forms for Mbilinyi

​​​​​​​CHADEMA’s women wing (Bawacha) in Mbeya City Constituency has picked up nomination forms on behalf of the former Member of Parliament, Joseph Mbilinyi (Sugu) to vie for the post again in this year elections claiming he was the only one who can represent them.

Speaking at the weekend when handing him the forms, BAWACHA Mbeya District Chaiperson Elizabeth Mwakimomo said women in Mbeya City decided to contribute money for the forms saying they were satisfied by Mbilinyi for what he did to the constituency and the nation in general.

She said Mbilinyi helped a lot in fighting for the removal of cost for preserving bodies of the deceased at hospitals.

She further said Mbilinyi, or famously known as “Sugu” as a musician of hip hop genre has helped in the education of over 500 children in the constituency.

She called on Mbeya residents to unite in trusting Mbilinyi as the one who has the ability to represent them well in Parliament.

Speaking soon after he was handed the forms, Mbilinyi thanked the women for having faith in him.

He said the decision by the women shows that he is supported by various groups in the community as opposed to what his political opponents say that he was supported only by the city’s people who hover at bus stands.

He also said the women have relieved him on the cost for collecting nomination forms that cost 100,000/-.

He said from the support shown by Mbeya women, he was certain he will emerge winner in the coming election for another five years.

Mbilinyi has been a Member of Parliament for Mbeya Urban Constituency on Chadema’s ticket since 2010 defeating the former MP from the ruling party (CCM) Benson Mpesya who had also led the constituency for 10 years.