Channel your complaints through CHRAGG,southern regions residents told

21May 2020
The Guardian
Channel your complaints through CHRAGG,southern regions residents told

​​​​​​​CHAIRMAN of Tanzania Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) Judge (Ret) Mathew Mwaimu appealed to all citizens in the country’s southern regions not to sit with their complaints but submit them to the commission’s offices to be dealt with.

Judge Mwaimu issued the appeal early this week during his visit to CHRAGG offices in Lindi Region that serves all regions in the Southern Zone including Mtwara and Songea.

He said in the last two years the commission lacked leadership, i.e. commissioners, the situation that contributed to some of its work to stop but as of now the commission is complete and wanted people to submit their complaints to be worked upon.

“I want to tell you that the commission exists and is strong, bring your complaints concerning human rights violations and good governance and we promise we shall work on them as quickly as possible,” he said.

Earlier, while speaking to the Lindi Regional Commissioner Godfrey Zambi in his office, Judge Mwaimu said basically CHRAGG is an institution created to assist the government to solve people’s problems emanating from violations of human rights and good governance.

“CHRAGG is the eye of the government which it uses to identify challenges that emerge especially in violations of human rights and the basics of good governance to steer away the government from unnecessary conflicts with its citizens,” Judge Mwaimu explained.

For his part, the Lindi regional commissioner told Judge Mwaimu that the region was opening up and there are many projects being implemented hence it would be better to put in place procedures to follow up to ensure they are implemented without infringements to the basics of human rights.

Judge Mwaimu also congratulated CHRAGG officials in the Southern Zone for good work and reminded them to ensure residents of the area get good and timely service from them.

Residents of southern regions have been called to use CHRAGG offices for prompt services through its address: P.O, Box 1050 Lindi Tel (023) 2202734/2202744.

And for those wishing to communicate directly with CHRAGG head office in Dodoma the address is P.O. Box 1049, Dodoma, Tel: 0734 047 775/0734 119 978; email [email protected].