Charity organisation donates to over 300 children

22Mar 2016
Amri Lugungulo
The Guardian
Charity organisation donates to over 300 children

The food items were donated by Baps Charities of Dar es salaam, a non-governmental organization to four centers.

Member of Baps Charities serving children in Dar es Salaam

The centers are Buguruni School which has 120 children with impaired hearing, Salvation Army with 200 children, Retention Home with 29 children and Help2Kids with 30 children in the city.

The organization's secretary Paresh Chollera named the donated items as 50 kilos of beans, 50 kilos of rice, 100 kilos of wheat flour, 100 kilos of maize flour, 50 kilos of sugar, 20 litres of cooking oil and five kilos of salt which were distributed to each center.

He also said the organization donated school stationery, including exercise books, rulers, pencils and pens as well as consumable items such as biscuits, chocolates, sweets and potato chips to each child.

Chollera said that the donated food items would enable the children to join other Christians around the world to celebrate Easter holiday.

“It is our routine to donate food items to centres every month, but it has been a coincidence that this month the donation came during Easter holiday,” he said.