Children to undergo free surgery at MOI

06Jul 2016
Abela Msikula
The Guardian
Children to undergo free surgery at MOI

MORE than 20 children with different bone-related problems are this week expected to undergo free surgery at the Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI).

Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute

The surgery activities to take place between July 7 and 9 will involve a team of local and foreign experts from Turkey, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

MOI Orthopaedic specialist, Dr Mcharo Bryson briefed the media yesterday that a three-day gathering, named “Tanzania Paediatric Orthopaedic and Trauma Congress” will be composed of 100 specialists, and children below five years will benefit from free treatment as per government directives.

However, MOI expressed concern about parents and guardians who are reluctant to take children to hospital despite free treatment, saying the actual treatment cost per individual is not less than 20m/-.

“We have been conducting awareness campaigns country-wide to educate people that every health problem is treatable. We call upon parents to bring their children for free surgeries as most of them have been complaining of the high treatment costs,” he said.

He said the institute does receive more than 20 patients a month although it has the capacity to accommodate twice as many patients. He also said children above five years will treated under a cost-sharing arrangement whereas patients will contribute 200, 000/-.

According to MOI, children with mental illnesses will also be considered for treatment because most their body parts and organs are deformed.

MOI Public Relations Officer, Patrick Mvungi said that treatment will continue even after the experts’ congress. He urged parents to take the victims to the institute at early stages of the problems for easy treatments and recovery.

“The public should know that recovery takes very short period for children under- five compared to matured ones,” he noted.

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