China-Tanzania's joint maize project bolsters production in Morogoro

20Jan 2021
Michael Sikapundwa
The Guardian
China-Tanzania's joint maize project bolsters production in Morogoro

​​​​​​​MORE than 2,000 smallholder farmers from ten villages in Morogoro Region are expected to benefit from the China-Tanzania Joint Maize project, which intends to bolster production from 2 to 4 tonnes per acre.

Started in 2018 and is to end this year, the project is also geared towards ensuring food security and income generation to farmers in the region.

It is being implemented by Morogoro regional secretariat in collaboration with Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), China Agricultural University (CAU) through the International Poverty Reduction Center of China (IPRCC).

Villages which are in the project include Peapea and Kitete (Kilosa), Mtego wa Simba, Kikundi (Morogoro), Letugunya and Ngayaki (Gairo), Kisegese (Kilombero), Kiswago, Makuyu and Mwaya (Malinyi),

Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Loata Ole Sanare revealed this over the weekend when speaking at the function to hand over 10 motorcycles and certificates of appreciation to 10 best extension officers from across the region.

The function was attended by the Chinese Ambassador in Tanzania, Wang Ke, and CAU’s vice president Prof Du Taisheng, who participated in zoom meeting technology from China.

He said the target of the project is to empower farmers to be able to produce 4 tonnes per acre before the end of the project this year since farmers have adopted Chinese agricultural technology through village extension officers and Chinese agricultural officials who come as part of sharing knowledge with farmers in Tanzania.

“Before the project, farmers were able to produce two bags of maize per acre but after Chinese technology they are now able to produce tonnes per hectares, besides project facilitates endless seminar to extension officials, conducting baseline survey, farmers taught good agronomic practices with labour-intensive technology, supervise and monitoring on crop management like weeding on time and application of fertilisers,” he disclosed.

Morogoro Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Emmanuel Kalobelo said a target of 4 tonnes per acre is achieved taking into account that since the project offered motorcycles to extension officers something that motivates them to work hard.

CAU’s s Vice President, Prof Du Taisheng said technical and material support in agriculture is a must since Morogoro is among 12 Chinese overseas joint- learning centers for agriculture with the target of poverty alleviation and improving people’s livelihoods. Read More...

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