Chinese chamber invited at breakfast talk in Dar later this month

08Mar 2018
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Chinese chamber invited at breakfast talk in Dar later this month

THE Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) in Dar es Salaam Region has invited its Chinese counterpart (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shandong) in a meeting to be held later on this month to discuss various opportunities in the sector.

TCCIA Dar es Salaam regional Executive Director Gotfrid Muganda.

Speaking in the city yesterday, the TCCIA Dar es Salaam regional Executive Director Gotfrid Muganda said already the Chinese Chamber of Commerce have confirmed to attend in the event that would talk about different ways of doing international businesses using commercial banks.

He said the event dubbed TCCIA breakfast to be held in Dar es Salaam on 23rd March 2018 would involve all members and other business people.

He said members would get a chance to discuss issues resulting from Memorandum of Understanding between TCCIA and the Chinese counterpart. They would also discuss on opportunities from the pipeline construction and improvement of businesses environment.

He said the chamber has intended to increase the number of members countrywide, link local and foreign trade and improve businesses working environment.

“We will continue to talk to the government on various issues relating to businesses that would enable attract more local and foreign investors in the economy,” he said.

Explaining about the Chinese chamber, he said during their stay in the country, the delegation would have a chance to pay a visit to various local businesspersons and government officials.

He said the delegation will meet with local counterparts and see how they can exchange businesses relations.

TCCIA signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese in 2015 whereas they agreed on various areas of benefits to members from both organisations.

The MoU gives opportunity to Tanzania and China members to work closely in order to remove trade barriers between them.

He said the chamber is for general businesses matters between the two countries as distinguished with others dealing with social community, with the task of supporting one another in social affairs.

In a move to increase relationship between the chamber and other stakeholders, TCCIA executive director said they intend to establish more linkages with them.

Explaining further, he said for the past few years the chamber has succeeded to solve various challenges facing businesspeople in various areas.

Citing, he said the chamber in collaboration with various stakeholders has managed to reduce the number of non-trade barriers, crop and skills development levies among others.