Cholera claims one life in Songwe; threatens others

31Dec 2018
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Cholera claims one life in Songwe; threatens others

AT LEAST one person has been killed by cholera at Kamsamba division, Lwasi village in Momba District, Songwe Region.
Fresh cases of cholera have been reported in Lwasi, Samang'ombe, Ivuna and Kamsamba villages.

The dead person Amwelu Disiano (39) is said to die due to delayed treatment as the hospital is located some 13 kilometres far from the village.

Sembo Chotasi a resident of Lwasi village told this paper that the deceased had earlier sought medical treatment at Lwasi dispensary before he was referred to Samang'ombe hospital which is 13 kilometres away.

“Dusiano died few hours after he reached the hospital. His body was exhausted following a long walk,” he said.

Ivuna ward executive officer, Julias Simfukwe said: “We were informed about his death when conducting a house to house inspection to identify households which lack toilets. We are aware of some families whose house doesn’t have proper toilets.”

According to Simfukwe, some villagers have been relieving themselves at the River, the thing that poses health risks to people using the fresh waters.

Mkulwe ward executive officer, Evaliso Jemson said residents in Mkulwe and Namsinde villages have left their homes over fears of being arrested by villager leaders. He said there are some villagers who have yet constructed proper toilets.

Mathew Chikoti, Momba district chairman called upon the residents to construct proper toilets to avoid outbreak of disease such as cholera. He said that it is only Momba district which has been hit by cholera outbreak.

He said that a proper toilet cost 210,000/- and that the villagers have been educated on the importance of using toilets.
Momba District Commissioner, Juma Irando insisted on the residents to build toilets.

He said the campaign to sensitize people to construct toilets is being carried out across the country.

Last year, the government launched a sanitation campaign to be implemented from July 2017 to June 2021.

Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Ummy Mwalimu said the campaign is expected to improve sanitation and hygiene at household level, institutions and public areas.

The initiative is a versatile undertaking ranging from promoting use of improved toilets, hand washing with soap, water treatment at point of use, solid waste management, sanitation in schools and health care facilities to the provision of adequate toilets on highways and bus stops.

Tanzania’s improved sanitation is expected to be 55 per cent in 2025 and up to 65 per cent in 2030.

The recent World Bank Report indicates that Tanzania is losing US Dollars 206 million (Over 453bn/-) every year due to poor sanitation and hygiene.

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