CJ calls upon magistrates to stick to professional

18Jan 2022
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
CJ calls upon magistrates to stick to professional

CHIEF Justice Prof Ibrahim Hamis Juma has called on the 29 new magistrates of the primary courts to adhere to the rules and dispense justice equally without regard to receiving instructions from anyone, including himself.

CHIEF Justice Prof Ibrahim Hamis Juma.

The Chief Justice made the statement yesterday at the Integrated Justice Centre, in Dar es Salaam while swearing in the magistrates.

He said that in the event that the Chief Justice telephoned to direct the sentencing of a case, the Magistrate would immediately inform the Judicial Service Commission.

"It is the duty of the Magistrates and us Judges to act in accordance with our rules, in case the Magistrate is called by the Chief Justice directing you to the Judgment of the case you are hearing, immediately report it to the Judicial Service Commission," said the Chief Justice.

Elaborating further he said the basis of the Judges is to do justice through various levels and that if they err they are violating the entire justice system.

"You are the fruit of your parents and the treasure of our nation, for the next 25 years you will hold various positions of leadership of the Judiciary in Tanzania, you must understand the rules and procedures of justice," said the Chief Justice, Prof. Week.

In addition, he said Magistrates and magistrates have the ultimate authority to grant justice which starts at the police level when a citizen goes to report, investigate, to prosecutors in the Court of First Instance to the Court of Appeal.

The Chief Justice, Mustapher Siyani, also said that it was important for the judges to act fairly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Court as it is a reliable pillar and not to tarnish the image of corrupt practices.

He said with the size and value of the work given to them by the nation they should go and work hard and with integrity and build a court for administering justice.