Clerics make a visit to spur devt projects in Geita

14Sep 2020
The Guardian Reporter
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Clerics make a visit to spur devt projects in Geita

RELIGIOUS leaders in Geita region made a visit to inspect development projects being implemented in the region and expressed their satisfaction with the effective management of such projects for the development of Tanzania.


Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) and the Geita Regional Commissioner’s Office supported the visit.Commenting during the occasion, Geita Regional Commissioner, Eng. Robert Gabriel said his office recognizes the significant contribution of religious leaders in maintaining peace and unity within the community.

“You cannot achieve progress in any society without peace. The peace that gives us development in our country and Geita region is protected by religious leaders who have always influenced the community by preaching a message of peace," he said.

The project manager overseeing Geita Gold Mining Limited’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, Moses Rusasa said the Company's aim is to benefit the community around the mine.

“We are implementing many projects within Geita region because one of the core values that guide GGML is to benefit the community around us. We have visited the Gold Market, Katundu Market as well as the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) projects that have been funded by GGML for the development of the people in Geita,” said Rusasa.

Expressing his gratitude during the visit, the Chairperson of the Religious Association in Geita Region, Bishop Stephano Saguda thanked the Geita Regional Commissioner for his visit and congratulated him for overseeing development in Geita Region.

"We congratulate the President John Magufuli for providing Geita Region with a dedicated leader who oversees development. I also commend GGML Company for cooperating well with the Government, especially Geita Councils and implementing large projects in the region,” said Bishop Saguda.

For the past 10 years, GGML has invested a total of $25 million to implement various development projects in Geita region and Tanzania in general. The strategy will also allocate $53 Million for the next 14 years.

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