Clerics should not be involved in politics , says Dr Ally Bashiru

15Jul 2019
James Lanka
The Guardian
Clerics should not be involved in politics , says Dr Ally Bashiru

THE ruling CCM Secretary General Dr Ally Bashiru has called on religious leaders to refrain from engage in politics and instead should part and parcel to be in the front line to advocate for country’s unity and peace.

THE ruling CCM Secretary General Dr Ally Bashiru.

Dr Bashiru made a call recently at the interfaith symposium organised by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania-Northern Diocese (ELCT-ND) under the sponsorship of the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA-Tanzania) held in Moshi whereby clerics from both Islam and Christians participated.

“We as clerics should come up together, respecting each other beliefs and values for the sustainable development of our nation,” he said, adding: “if the rights of the majority including the right to live, economic rights will be denied, peace of this country will be in danger.”

Coordinator of the meeting, Rev Andrew Munisi explained that apart from maintaining peace and harmony of the country, the symposium that dubbed: ‘Different Religious-Peace and Love’ was aimed at promoting the role played by the religious institutions in the socio-economic activities in the country.

“Interfaith meeting is a very crucial meeting as it brings us together as brothers for the sustainable peace, love and socio economic development of Tanzania as a nation regardless our differences in our beliefs,” Rev Munisi explained.

For his part, one of the facilitators Sheikh Nuhu Mnango from Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA) in Kilimanjaro Region explained that apart from leading their followers to abide with God’s rules, religious leaders should also emphasize them to work hard for the sustainable economic development of our nation.

“Religious leaders we have also the role to help and support the needy people in our communities for their survival.”