Climate stakeholders introduce Swedish based review platform

01Dec 2021
Gerald Kitabu
The Guardian
Climate stakeholders introduce Swedish based review platform

CLIMATE stakeholders have introduced the Swedish-based, “We don’t have time” one of the largest social media climate review platform in the world.

In an interview in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Country coordinator Baraka Lenga said the main objective of “we don’t have time” is to bring everybody together and talk about the rooming danger of climate change as well as find solutions to the climate change problem….hence we say ‘’together we are the solution to the climate crisis’’

He explained that one of the continents mostly affected by climate change is Africa.

And this is unfortunate because Africa contributes just 3% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. For a long time the continent has not spoken with one voice as Africans, and as global citizens. Instead, it has always been left in the hands of political leaders play politics with the future of the children and future generations.

“When we bring people together, we believe we are that voice needed, we believe we can push our leaders to amplify that voice that can bring more solutions …because with all their time they hand in their disposal they have done too little, but it’s time to push them to take action now,” he said.

He further explained that by expanding to Tanzania, means brining more voices together, make people understand the danger of climate change, understand that what people are seeing today is not by accident but a result of years of inaction despite the warnings by environmentalists for years.

Like other countries, Tanzania has been paying the price of climate change too, irregular weather patterns, extreme weather conditions and many more have been a burden on the citizens of Tanzania.

“I believe coming here will be a major step in pushing the world leaders  to understand that we really can’t wait any longer as Africans, the right decisions should have been taken years ago,” he said.

Patrick Kiarie Nyokabi, the African representative of “We don’t have time” from Kenya said the largest social platform was established by the CEO Ingmar Rentzog in 2016 in Stockholm Sweden and it has offices in Washington and Kenya.

“When you join the “we don’t have time” platform, you will realize that thousands of organizations and world leaders are there, any idea that you write and post, someone is reading it, and they are ready to come in and support your idea,” he said.

At we don’t have time; our review is based on three pillars climate love, climate idea and climate warning. Climate love is aimed at recognizing individuals, governments and institutions that are doing something good to the environment. Climate idea is meant to identify various sustainable ideas and proposing them to governments and institutions with the aim of enabling or collecting ideas from the global citizens thus enabling everyone to be part of the solution to climate change. Climate warning is at identifying individuals, organizations, governments or institutions whose actions or inactions are causing more harm to the earth and asking them to correct their “environmental crimes”

The idea behind the name “We don’t have time” was to warn the world that time was running out, that continued environmental pollution was now a disaster that was already affecting a greater part of the global population and thus the time to act was now.