Coalition to hold survey on causes of women’s killings

14Jan 2022
Beatrice Philemon
The Guardian
Coalition to hold survey on causes of women’s killings

THE Coalition for Women Human Rights Defenders Tanzania is fundraising for a countrywide survey to develop the main source of killings of women in society.

CWHRDT Coordinator Hilda Dadu.

Addressing journalists in Dares Salaam yesterday, CWHRDT Coordinator Hilda Dadu said: “We’re targeting 150m/-, which will be okay for the study.

During the survey, we’ll visit in different areas and have a face-face interviews with men, women, youth , legal aid providers, gender desk in police stations and other people to identify the cause of femicide that is very high than in the past years.”

Hilda said: “In recent years women are killed for being suspected witchcraft in rural areas, but right now gender-related killings of women are very high in Tanzania and as defenders we’re very concerned with the high level of femicide in our country.”

According to her, women are routinely killed by their husband, intimate partner and their children for love envy or inheriting property.

So far, eight women have been killed by their spouses and children, that’s why we want to conduct research to see what the causes are and what should be done to prevent this femicide.

“ I thought, this is not true, the cause of women killings is depressing because right now mental health problem is very high for Tanzanians due to poverty, lack of employment, conflicts between two families or relatives, gender based violence for both women and men, sitting at home idle with no work, no movement and other issues,” she said.

Hilda said a country-wide survey will help them to come up with new compressive strategy and legal action to protect women, urging government to take stronger actions to prevent femicide across the country, end to GBV and take legal action for all suspects or killers because women have right to live and to be valued similarly to men.

According to her, social welfare officers should also take serious measures to assist local communities on what they encounter in their families, giving them proper advice in accordance with the main challenges they have and even visit in their localities and have a face to-face discussion with them to investigate the source of the killings.

The coalition said the obtained report should be submitted to Psychiatrists to see their mental health conditions that in turn will help them to access medications and even provide therapy for them, the main goal is to protect femicide that is very high across the country.

Highlighting on parents, Hilda pointed out that parents should also listen their children once they come to report what they encounter from their husband or partners, don’t ignore them, allow them to say everything that they thought can cause killings to them instead  of telling them to be patience in marriage.

Media organizations should also take serious measures to identify and report these incidents so that the government can be aware on what is going on across the country, have a proper data on femicide and later on take legal actions for killers, the statement said.

All human rights defenders and activists should come up with new programme to visit in local communities to solve the main challenges they encounter in their localities.