Coalition thumbs up JPM’s decision to appoint CHRAGG commissioners

27Feb 2020
The Guardian
Coalition thumbs up JPM’s decision to appoint CHRAGG commissioners

​​​​​​​THE Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) have commended the decision made by President John Magufuli to appoint Commissioners of the Commission for Human rights and good governance (CHRAGG).

Onesmo Olengurumwa

Onesmo Olengurumwa, the THRDC National Coordinator applauded the decision during the meeting with CHRAGG chairperson, retired Judge Mathew Mwaimu, at CHRAGG offices in Dodoma on Monday this week.

He said THRDC was among various stakeholders who advocated for the appointment of CHRAGG Commissioners saying Commission being without commissioners was not healthy and impeded the prosperity of human rights and good governance within the country.

Olengurumwa said the decision was received positively by many human rights stakeholders believing that the decision will foster easy implementation of CHRAGG services to local citizens.

He added that Commission as the National Human Rights Institution is their major stakeholder therefore they will continue to combine efforts towards making sure that the country is upholding the respect of human rights and principals of good governance.

“The commission is our constitutional institution which has huge support to local citizens, but also we understand that CHRAGG alone cannot do everything thus we partner to supplement where they cannot reach,” Olengurumwa said.

He continued to say that CHRAGG being without decision makers for a long time caused the dwindling of its many activities, but now he believe that things will move.

He said the delay of appointment also led to deteriorating of cooperation between CHRAGG and other human rights stakeholders.

However, Olengurumwa assured close cooperation to CHRAGG saying they have to convene another meeting as soon as possible to explore areas of cooperation, but to begin with he promised to enhance capacity of CHRAGG officers on human rights defending skills.

Earlier, when welcoming the THRDC National Coordinator, the CHRAGG chairperson, Judge Mathew Mwaimu briefly explained about mandate of CHRAGG and plan’s for this year.

Judge Mwaimu also pledged continuous cooperation to all stakeholders including THRDC insisting CHRAGG without other stakeholders can not fulfil its responsibilities properly.

President John Magufuli appointed CHRAGG commissioners late last year after CHRAGG operations for almost three years without its top officials.

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