Compassion to improve lives of 5 million vulnerable children, youth

21Nov 2020
Wilhelm Mulinda
The Guardian
Compassion to improve lives of 5 million vulnerable children, youth

​​​​​​​COMPASSION International Tanzania (CIT) is set to improve lives of five million vulnerable children and youth in 21 regions across the country.

This is part of the CIT’s strategic plan of the year 2020-2022.

Speaking at the meeting here yesterday with pastors of evangelical churches that work in partnership with CIT in Kagera, Mara, Geita and Mwanza regions, national director of CIT, Mary Lema said that through the plan, they will implement programmes that include sponsorship to children and youth.

She said that their project aim at improving health as well as diet of mother and child, education, clean water and environmental cleanliness among others.

According to her,  that programme is implemented based on priorities in three areas that are to enable the Church to attain its targets to save children and youths in a bid to alleviate poverty among them.

Other areas are to strengthen strategic cooperation with different stakeholders including the government at national level as well as enabling the church to reach its targets according to the plan.

She said that at present CIT is working in 21 regions in Tanzania Mainland in over 80 district councils where it has managed to reach 112,000 children and youths through approximately 500 churches.

In the process CIT is spending an average of 6bn/- every month to implement the projects to children and youths by using the evangelical churches, she said.

She said that CIT is registering children for sponsorship starting the age of three years to seven and it also sponsoring students to pursue university studies provided that they passed though their hands.

In so doing the CIT believes that children and youths will have a reasonable standard of living and not live in poverty, noting that even God does not want people to be poor.

She said that CIT which started in 1999 in the country has been one of big christian missions to promote development of children and youths in the country. Read More...

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