Cooperative unions to open coffee plants in 3 regions

10Oct 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Cooperative unions to open coffee plants in 3 regions

IN efforts to fuel efforts by the fifth phase government under the industrialisation agenda , agricultural marketing cooperative societies (AMCOS) in three regions of Shinyanga, Simiyu and Geita are expecting to open three coffee processing industries earlier next year.

The envisaged three pilot plants are set to be opened by the Kahama Cooperative Union (KCU) in Shinyanga, Chato Cooperative Union (CKU) in Geita and Simiyu Cooperative Union (SCU) in Simiyu.

Speaking in an interview to The Guardian yesterday, Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies and head of marketing and investment section at Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission (TCDC), Edward Massawe said the key development was attributed by efforts by President John Magufuli to revive performance of cooperative societies within the country.

The fifth phase government has so far demonstrated high political will, as well as implementing diverse initiatives to revive performance of cooperative societies in the country, saying the efforts have started to bear fruits .

Massawe explained that cooperative unions are components to help push for different economic sectors, especially the agriculture sector in which the national economy hinges on. “Currently, farmers in different parts of the country are busy forming their cooperatives societies, and this, is after realising that the system is more friendly in assisting them to benefit accordingly from their initiatives, more than working as individuals,” he noted.

He said that cooperative societies were of prudent in solving numerous setbacks that often curtailing farmers efforts, especially when it comes to availability of capital, procurement of necessary inputs for markets and better prices.

“For instance, through cooperative unions, the members (farmers) are procuring in-puts through bulk procurement, and the system made them to stand at better stance and position to lobby for better prices for their produced,” he observed.

However, apart from attained successes in the whole exercise of revamping the performance of the said unions, he said the key private sector was however stiff facing some challenges,: “Currently some of the challenges haunting cooperative societies include poor awareness among the public as well as inadequate in the number of cooperative officers from regional to districts levels.

Guided by the Tanzania Cooperative Act, No of 2013 and supervised by the government through the Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission (TCDC), performance of cooperative societies within the country is said to keep on gaining momentum on daily basis.

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