Corruption, embezzlement touch Mwinyi at New Year

01Jan 2022
The Guardian Reporter
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Corruption, embezzlement touch Mwinyi at New Year

ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi has said that his government will usher in the New Year with stern measures against government officials found to have engaged in acts of corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

In his speech to bid farewell to 2021 and welcome 2022 yesterday, Dr Mwinyi said there will be no sacred cow in the fight against corruption this year, warning government officials to change or face the consequences.


“The government will take both disciplinary and legal action on culprits without favour or victimizing anyone,” he said.


“Our country is led by the rule of law and we cherish principles of good governance, therefore the law must take its course, and we must protect the rights of all citizens in accordance with the constitution,” the president declared.


The government will also be tough on gender-based violence as well as drug abuse, vices that have been on the increase in the Isles during the past decade, he asserted.


He further stated that one of the biggest challenges that shook not only Zanzibar but Tanzania and the world was the Covid-19 pandemic as it resulted in a slump of the economy, following disruptions of key economic sectors such as tourism.


The government has taken several measures to respond to the impact occasioned by the disruptions in collaboration with friendly countries, the private sector and international organisations, he stated, highlighting that Zanzibar so far has 41 Covid-19 vaccination centres (29 in Unguja and 12 in Pemba).


“Let’s continue working hard in 2022 and take all precautionary measures against Covid-19 especially with the new Omicron variant,” he urged.

“In efforts to counter the impact of Covid-19, we received a loan of $100m (over 230bn/-) which will be directed towards improvement of health, education, water and electricity,” he recalled, explaining that 81bn/- has been set aside for small and medium scale entrepreneurs.


Prudent use of the loan and other funds was necessary to make the best of available funds and in the future, he stated, expressing optimism that 2022 will be a prosperous year for Tanzania.


The year 2021 was marked by some sad events, including the death of fifth phase President Dr John Magufuli and Zanzibar First Vice President Seif Sharif Hamad. “We Tanzanians were saddened by the loss of these leaders,” he emotionally recalled.


On a positive note, he said Tanzania made history in 2021 by swearing in the first female president, Samia Suluhu Hassan on March 19th.


“For the first time, our country got an opportunity to be led by a female president. This is a historic event not only for Tanzania but for the entire continent of Africa considering the fact that there are only a handful of countries on the continent to have been led by women up to now,” he added.