Councils, schools sorting out reopening challenges

28May 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Councils, schools sorting out reopening challenges
  • Others improve primary schools’ sanitation environment

EDUCATION officers, local council directors plus heads of schools and colleges are finalizing preparations to receive Form VI students and those for teachers’ colleges.

A survey conducted yesterday noted that these officials and teachers all over the country were holding meetings to ensure that the government’s directive that students resume classes on June 1 is implemented.

Speaking on the matter, Mwanza Regional Commissioner John Mongella said “this is the time to work together to supervise students as the Covid-19 pandemic still exists, but life has to go on.”

He appealed to heads of schools and colleges to ensure students exercise and pray to make them understand themselves as the war against the pandemic is monumental.

“I was tested on April 27 and the results that came out on April 30 showed I was positive, but I have defeated the disease by exercising, steam inhaling and other mixed drugs. When I was again tested results said I was negative, hence Tanzanians should work hard and not remain idle. The main thing is to abide by directives from health experts,” the RC explained.

The regional administration will provide items for preventing Covid-19 infections, like sanitizers, masks and water washing facilities. Among them will be 200-litre tanks, wash basins and buckets to schools and colleges in the region, he elaborated.

Mwanza Regional Education Officer Martin Nkwabi said the region has a total of 37 “A” Level secondary schools, where 10 are state run, with 4,844 Form VI students altogether. Teachers’ colleges of Butimba and Murutunguru have 1,036 students in all.

Nicholas Magige, the principal of Butimba Teachers College said thato everything was in order. “The issue of ensuring that there is enough space in classes and in dormitories for boarding students has been resolved,” he stated.

Castor Mazula, headmaster of Messa Secondary School also said regular testing for Covid-19 infection will be conducted on students, service staff and teachers, urging joint efforts from teachers and parents to fight the pandemic.

Secondary school teachers in state-run and private schools in Mkuranga District, Coast Region, are working together with the Department of Education in the district council to ensure that Form VI students are protected against Covid-19 infections

They report to schools next week for month long preparations ahead of national examinations, thus schools are being equipped with Covid-19 protective equipment such as hand washing facilities.

“We’re working hard to ensure that the teaching and learning environment is safe and thus students can do well in their final exams,” said Benjamin Majoya, the District Education Officer charged with secondary education.

He said schools with Form VI students, that is Mwinyi, Nasibugani and St Mathew Secondary Schools had prepared in advance by starting to assist students receive their study lessons online.

“Teachers in the respective schools have mobilized, distributing hand washing facilities such as buckets and soap. My appeal to parents and guardians is to ensure that their children come with enough face masks.”

In Moshi District, Kilimanjaro Region, nine secondary and primary schools in Okaoni Ward have launched a joint strategic plan to rescue academic levels for pupils of Std 1 to 4 that are declining owing to school closures in the wake of the pandemic.

As of now the students continue with their studies at home, using a question and answer system.


Launching the plan titled “Education Despite Covid-19 is Possible,” Okaoni Ward Councillor Morice Makosi said more than 2m/- has been spent for the purchase of a photocopier for question papers that are distributed to students in their homes.

“This plan concerns primary and secondary schools in the ward. We pay science teachers 600,000/- per month as allowance for the task, and I provided the money myself,” the councilor noted.

Schools in the ward will be provided with hand-washing facilities from government funds. It was also providing education to students online, where it faces huge challenges in rural areas.

The Okaoni Ward Education Coordinator Daniel Maeda called on teachers to report back to schools to provide lessons to students in accordance with government directives.

Elias Mramba, the headmaster of Sisamiro Secondary School said the plan is good as it will enable pupils to study while at home.

Monduli District in Arusha Region has also unveiled a plan to confront Covid-19 infections by donating various items to primary schools in the district.

Monduli District Education Officer, Theresia Kyara said the department has provided assistance in taking up government efforts in the fight against the disease.

She said the plan is to provide buckets and soap for staff rooms, as well as health education to teachers, while emphasizing the purchasing of sanitizers.

“The idea is to ensure that all classrooms in primary and secondary schools are installed with hand washing facilities,” she explained.

Monduli District Commissioner Idd Kimanta said the move is geared to complement government efforts in combating Covid-19.