Counsellors toldnot to seek office rerun if have not fulfilled promise

08Jul 2020
The Guardian
Counsellors toldnot to seek office rerun if have not fulfilled promise

​​​​​​​OUTGOING counsellors have been warned not to vie for leadership posts if they have not fulfilled the promises they made when contesting for similar positions in the past General Elections.

​​​​​​​CCM chairman for Handeni District, Athumani Malunda.

CCM chairman for Handeni District, Athumani Malunda gave the warning yesterday when opening a meeting of the district executive committee. He said that only those who have fulfilled their promises in accordance with the party’s election manifesto should join the race.

According to Malunda some of the councillors underperformed in the five years, hence no need for them to seek re-election in the October elections.

“If you have not fulfilled your promises within five years, you better not contest for the post because citizens will not vote for you,” he said.

He cautioned voters in the party’s primaries to select good candidates who will spearhead development. He said selected candidates must be well financially and should be a family men.

“I will be surprised if you vote for someone who doesn’t have a home, we do not want to have councillors who are staying at their brother’s homes,” stated Malunda.

CCM Secretary in Handeni District, Salehe Kikweo commended the outgoing councillors for a job well done in five years. He said the party is likely to win many council seats due to recorded development under the fifth phase government.

“You have done a better job in helping our President to implement the party’s election manifesto. May I also congratulate legislators for their contribution in bringing development changes in the district,” said Kikweo noting they have put in place strategies to win all the 12 wards.

 Former Handeni-Urban Member of Parliament, Omary Kigoda (CCM) said he was confident that the ruling party would win all the councilorship and parliamentary seats. He said the opposition is not strong enough to win any of the constituencies.

“The government has performed better within five years; this guarantees us a landslide victory in the coming General Elections. President John Magufuli has done a number of good things aimed to transform our country into an industrialised nation,” he said.

Kigoda urged the outgoing councillors to inform citizens at their respective areas on the good things done by the government in their wards. He said once the residents are aware of the many things done by the CCM government they will confidently vote for it in the coming elections.