Countrywide research to assess water facilities condition

04Dec 2019
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Countrywide research to assess water facilities condition

THE government is set to conduct a countrywide survey to evaluate the condition of water facilities through Payment by Result Project that is funded by UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).

Speaking to reporters during the closing of training for researchers  in Dar es Salaam recently, Representative from Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (Ruwasa) Bahati Joram said the research is conducted by DataVision International, a Tanzanian company which this year won the East Africa Brand Leadership 2019 Award as the best company in supplying ICT services, research including creating electronic payment systems within the East African Community.

He said the research will be conducted in 26 Tanzania Mainland regions and will cover 181 councils, 1,529 villages and 13,824 water facilities.

“This is Phase IV of the project, we target to mobilise and develop water facilities, hence through the project for every facility built and found working, the council concerned will be assisted in building more facilities,” said Joram.

He said the project that aims to improve the protection of water facilities and increase supply of clean and safe water will take four years – up to March 2022.

Joram explained that even though the inspection of the facilities is done by the government every month through CDMT, the area managed by him being an ICT expert, it is better to incorporate another free ‘eye’ in research work to evaluate the veracity of monthly reports. 

Business Development Executive of DataVision International Research Division Bwigane Mulinda said researchers were given training for five days and after conducting the first research in the city of Dar es Salaam it was discovered that they have the capacity to collect the correct data from all 26 regions.

A DataVision researcher Zawadi Saidi explained that they received enough cooperation from wananchi in all areas of Dar es Salaam Region and that this shows they will complete the work successfully.

In March 2019 the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Water Prof Kitila Mkumbo said the government has discovered that out of 131,000 water facilities built in rural areas, 46,000 were not operating.

However, the government, in collaboration with development partners has already built and renovated many water facilities in the eight-year period up to now. Hence, he added, the DFID funded project will spur the renovation and build more water facilities in the country.