Covid-19: Region raises alert as Treasury disburses 1.2bn/-

27Jul 2021
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Covid-19: Region raises alert as Treasury disburses 1.2bn/-

AUTHORITIES in Dodoma region yesterday issued a new alert to help combat the spread of COVID-19 as the regional referral hospital launches oxygen making machinery to aid treatment of patients with respiratory complications.

Setting out the region’s preparedness efforts to handle COVID-19 cases, Regional Commissioner Anthony Mtaka directed that members of the public seeking health services or visiting admitted relatives at district hospitals in must wear face masks. The number of people paying visit to their relatives admitted in hospitals is limited to three people at a time, he said

Addressing a press conference after visiting the regional referral hospital to witness preparedness to handle COVID-19 cases, the RC urged residents to heed advice from health experts and the government generally, underlining that the disease is fast spreading.

“Despite having facilities at the referral hospital that can accommodate more patients, it is vital to take measures against the disease,” he emphasised, noting that taking preventive measures will greatly help to reduce new infections.

 He has also placed emphasis on wearing a mask and washing hands with flowing water at business centres, marketplaces, auctions and bus stands.

People with symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 infection not to guess about therapy but go to a dispensary, health centre or hospital to be tested so as to be sure, he urged.

Level seat arrangements in public transport systems must be observed, while hired motorcyclists must comply with the loading rule of one passenger to stem avoidable infections, he declared.

RC Mtaka has acknowledged the presence of corona patients in the region, affirming that the region is self-sufficient to serve them and that no congestion exists.

Earlier, the doctor in charge at the referral hospital, Dr. Ibenzi Ernest, expressed gratitude to the government for providing equipment worth 1.2bn/- for treating patients with breathing complications, along with those having other complications.

Currently, the hospital, with the help of the disbursement, has the ability to handle up to 200 infection cases per day but since its installation it has handled up to 29 patients in one day, he added.

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