Covid-19 situation: German tour firms seeking out facts

01Jul 2020
The Guardian
Covid-19 situation: German tour firms seeking out facts

​​​​​​​GERMAN tour operators have arrived in Arusha in a mission to satisfy themselves on reports of diminishing cases of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Assistant Commissioner of Arusha National Parks (ANAPA) Albert Mziray.

The coordinator of the agents from Kilaweni Tours Safaris, Corinae Wieleimarn said here yesterday that the visit is aimed at issuing the green light for tourists who have confirmed to visit Tanzania to make their journeys.

The tour firm officials want to satisfy themselves whether the coronavirus situation and precautions being taken are sufficiently convenient for tourists to start coming.

They want to see for themselves the true situation and compare with reports they receive, he stated.

"Basically, since they arrived in Tanzania they have seen for themselves and are happy as they have found the situation to be calm,” the coordinator noted.

After the agents arrived they were received by officials of the Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB) and visited nearby national parks and other areas with tourist attractions, he said.

They saw all the precautions against the pandemic – starting from airports and hotels, along with control at the gates leading to various game parks, he elaborated.

Speaking after visiting some of these areas, tour agent Moren Brenneke said in as much as they were satisfied with steps being taken, he was happy to see that local people understand the need to take precautions.

TTB representative Francis Malugu said the decision by the agents to come to Tanzania was a good sign that the world starts to understand the diminishing of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Assistant Commissioner of Arusha National Parks (ANAPA) Albert Mziray said despite these achievements against the disease precautions have to be taken all the time.

Tanzania is among countries in the East African region that suspended air travel including those bringing in tourists due to the pandemic. The suspension was lifted after the severity of the disease was seen to be going down day after day.

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