CRB registrar challenges poor performance of contractors

27Jan 2020
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CRB registrar challenges poor performance of contractors

CONTARCTORS Registration Board (CRB)registrar Rhoben Nkori has challenged local contractors in the country to use the skills they are given by the board through training to bring positive changes and improve their performance during the execution of construction projects.

CONTARCTORS Registration Board (CRB)registrar Rhoben Nkori

He made the remarks over the weekend when officiating at the closing of the three days training of capacity building for local contractors here in Arusha, the training which was organised by CRB and attracted many contractors.

Among the topic covered during the  training  included are Labour productivity, contractors cash flows, resources management, materials handling and storage, plant and equipment management, sources of funds, organisational structure and job description.

Nkori said if local contractors would utilize fully the training they have undergone there are possibilities for their companies to be competent and compete with foreign companies  for project  tenders.

"For you to grow you must take this training seriously and implement the skills attained in your daily activities when executing construction projects in your respective companies and by doing so I am sure you will grow and be competent enough,” said Nkori

Nkori also told contractors to supervise their employees in order for them to be responsible according to their positions in their respective companies to make sure they complete their projects within agreed time and observe standards and work quality.

"If you win construction tenders make sure you do it to the quality that will make your client happy with your company and this will be evidence that local contractors are capable to do big projects and you will attract more clients,” he said.

Nkori urged contractors not to be discouraged by challenges and obstacles they face and take them as platform to grow adding that local contractors are capable to do if they take seriously the regular trainings they are given by the board.

Nkori said if they will complete projects within agreed time and good quality the government will award them   big projects as they way to motivate them to do better and better.

"By recognizing  your importance the government has put in place strategies to make sure any foreign company that implements construction projects here in Tanzania must partner with local companies so this is a good opportunity for you to show that you are capable,” said Nkori.

Nkori urged all contractors to be faithful, collaborate and have good communications among others when they are given construction projects as the way to reach their intended goals.

"There are good contractors who perform well and they get many construction projects but they don’t finish them within agreed time and this tarnish the image of all local contractors. Some of you may lose tenders because of the mistakes done by your colleagues. Improve the work you are given and make sure you finish within the agreed timeframe.” Said Nkori

Speaking on behalf of contractors, Marry Makenda said the big challenge that they face is multiple taxation in the construction industry.

She appealed to the government to reduce taxes and pay back their areas timely before and after they complete the projects.

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