CRDB Bank introduces digital package solutions in market

14Sep 2018
Beatrice Shayo
The Guardian
CRDB Bank introduces digital package solutions in market

INDIVIDUALS and Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) can open CRDB accounts using their mobile phones anywhere in the country.

CRDB Bank Plc Managing Director, Dr Charles Kimei speaks at a ceremony to unveil SimBanking services at a past event. File photo.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam earlier this week during the launch of the digital package, CRDB Bank Plc’s Digital Finance Customer Support Manager, Edith Metta said the digital package has a group account, savings account and bill payment solutions.

“This digital package also allows one to do online purchases by paying through their handsets,” Metta told journalists. She pointed out that with the package, groups and individuals seeking to open accounts are no longer required to visit physical banking halls with a bunch of documents as before.

“Everything is done on mobile handsets with a click of a button, no need for queuing and the bureaucracy associated with opening a bank account,” the CRDB Manager pointed out saying the package also enables SACCOs members to check their group’s accounts using mobile phones.

“This makes it easier to monitor group accounts and check against fraud because everyone can access the account at any time using mobile phones,” she stressed. Groups and individuals can also withdraw and deposit cash through their mobile phones at their convenience.

A single group account can have a maximum of 3,000 people who can deposit up to 50m/- while transacting through their handsets. “For groups that have steady accounts with regular transactions, members can also get loans from our bank,” Metta noted.

The group account also gets rid of having a treasurer who prepares financial reports for the group to distribute to members and instead such information is done by the bank with reports delivered to every member through their mobile phones.

“Individuals can also open their accounts through mobile handsets in less than five minutes provided that they have a national identity card,” she unveiled saying CRDB which is the country’s largest bank by net assets value, have invested heavily in digital innovation so that it can extend its services to bigger part of the country.

 “The digital products will also make sure that many people who reside in rural areas with no physical bank branches get banking services through their mobile phones,” the CRDB Manager emphasised.