CSOs donate 79m/- to fight COVID-19

09Apr 2020
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
CSOs donate 79m/- to fight COVID-19

​​​​​​​TEN Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the country have donated 79m/- to the government to boost efforts to fight COVID-19 and pledged to   conduct public awareness education on the disease.

Prime Minister, Kassim Mjaliwa.

Addressing a press conference here yesterday, the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS)’s president, Stigma Tenga said the amount was handed over to the Prime Minister, Kassim Mjaliwa in support of the government’s effort to control the disease in the country.

She said CSOs are always in the forefront in promoting development, thus they are ready to support the struggle against corona, a disease that highly retards development and well being of people.

“The main aim of CSOs is to support government in development agenda and corona is a development agenda because it affects all sectors of development” she said, adding that they promised the PM that they will conduct public awareness of the disease .

She said CSOs had the means to educate the public on the matter hence, noting that there is need for more efforts on the same since the disease is very dangerous.

The CSOs will continue engaging people to understand the problem, saying the government cannot do it all alone without support from other stakeholders.

She said as advocates  of the  people, especially the marginalised groups in the society, they have appealed to the prime minister to ensure the government gives special attention to special groups like women, children and the disabled during this trying moment.

The Tanzania Women Lawyers Association(TAWLA)’s executive director, Tike Mwambipile noted that as CSOs, they understand that CIOVID-19 has grossly affected the world and appealed to the government to consider reducing taxes, levies and rents.

“It is a fact that the pandemic has affected the whole world and it is our role to ensure that women and children get proper services since during this time it is the women who are mostly affected,’  she said.

The gesture to the government is in line with the drive to help  empower women , reach those affected by the disease whose incomes had been affected or do not have anything at all because of the pandemic.

 “We appeal to the government to keenly look at taxes, especially rent since people’s incomes had been affected by the disease,” she said, adding that more attention should be on women and children.

The Legal Services Facility(LSF)’s chief executive officer, Lulu Ng’wanakilala while speaking at the same event, noted that they had decided to support the government in the fight against the disease to help save the marginalised groups of people.

“ As key players and partners in development, we have decided to support the government to tackle the pandemic and we are looking at how best we can do this to help save lives,” she said.

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