CSOs have changed the nation - Jafo

09Nov 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
CSOs have changed the nation - Jafo

MINISTER of State in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Selemani Jafo yesterday applauded the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the country for great contribution that has helped shape the country.

Selemani Jafo

Speaking while officiating at the closure of the CSOs Week 2019, here, the minister said while the fifth phase government has done a lot to improve lives of people, it is worth noting that there are the things that CSOs shouted for.

He said achievements in various sectors are on the main issues raised by the organisations at some point back. Outlining the performance of the government in the past four years, he said all could not have been done had the CSO failed to play their roles effectively.

“The government acknowledges your contributions that have led to positive changes in almost all sectors of development,” he said, adding that members of the CSOs should feel proud, knowing that they have changed lives.

He singled out key areas like education, health and agriculture, among others that CSOs had in the past advocated for improve but the current government has done a lot on them.

According to the minister various development in different sectors, associated with the fifth government is due to contributions of different stakeholders, but strongly the CSOs.

He directed the sector coordination’s desk at his office to give CSOs due attention they deserve whenever they seek services there.

He issued the same directive to all the regional administration authorities, calling on them to receive organisations and coordinate their activities in the regions.

He also observed that the CSOs have helped create employment for many people, reducing the burden of unemployment to the government, calling on them to focus on sustainability.

Reminding the meeting that he once worked in one of the CSOs in the country, Jaso said the organisations are good at training people to work hard for better results unlike in the government where they are elements of laxity.

He attributed his performance as one of the hardworking ministers in the government to good practices he learnt while serving at the CSOs.

However, the minister who spent one and half hours addressing the meeting warned the CSOs to refrain from any unlawful activities, saying that despite the good deed, there are some few rogue CSOs who do not mean well for the nation.

He said before the government pounce on such organisations, members of the CSOs fraternity should openly point fingers and warn them against their bad deeds.

Jafo also called on them to be patriotic, knowing that Tanzania is for all and any bad thing in the country affect all people.

Speaking earlier, the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS)’s president Stigmata Tenga said the participants and the organisers were pleased with the government, parliament and other stakeholders participation in the week-long event.

“We are glad of the ministers, members of parliament, the speaker and other stakeholders who participated in the debates and discussion during the week,” she said, adding that it has never been this way in the past.

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