Current sisal production level still not satisfactory -Mgumba

14Jul 2020
The Guardian
Current sisal production level still not satisfactory -Mgumba

​​​​​​​SISAL production in the country has increased from 19,700 tonnes in 1970 to 36,000 tonnes in 2019.

Speaking at the weekend, the Deputy Minister for Agriculture Omary Mgumba said the current production level is still not satisfactory compared to opportunities in the sisal sector.

Mgumba said the government’s aim is to ensure sisal production reaches 120,000 by 2025.

He said the government now focuses in discussions and finding solutions to various challenges facing the country’s sisal crop for profitable production, increase employment, drive up the industrial sector as well as increase income of both farmers and the nation in general.

He said in addition to these challenges the government is also dealing with various issues including increasing production by establishing sisal seedbeds in all districts that grow the crop.

He said the Mlingano Centre of Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI-Mlingano) has started ample production of better seeds for the sisal crop.

He also said the government was still verifying the statuses of sisal farms that were privatised for them to start production as had been agreed in the privatisation contract agreements.

Deputy Minister Mgumba said the government has also increased the budget for the sisal sector to enable TARI-Mlingano to do research on various sisal seeds.

He said the outcomes of other government strategies need the participation of all stakeholders in the sisal sector.

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